We strongly encourage yearly preventative wellness exams and are prepared to help you keep your pet healthy.  We also are fully serviced to provide you with the internal medicine and surgical procedures to help your baby when he is sick.  

Wellness Exams

Every pet should be evaluated on a yearly basis for heartworm checks, parasite exams, and vaccinations.  This helps us find potential health problems early and address them before they cause your pet discomfort.



Bloodwork looks at the internal functions of your pet that can not be evaluated with a physical exam including red blood count, white blood cell count, and organ function.  Bloodwork may be performed on a yearly basis as a preventative service and is a diagnostic tool to help determine why our pets are not feeling well.


Spay & Neuter

Spaying and neutering is a surgical procedure that keeps your pet healthier and prevents the possibly of unwanted litters of puppies and kittens.  We strongly encourage you to speak with us about the benefits of this procedure.



Vaccinations are the easiest way to prevent against some major canine and feline diseases.  Your pet should receive an evaluation and vaccinations on a yearly basis to keep them protected.  Rabies vaccination is legally required for all pets, so please let us help keep you up to date.


Heartworm Testing

Heartworms are transferred by mosquitos and live in your pet's heart.  When pets are infected by them, a long process is needed to get rid of them.  Therefore, we recommend that all pets are tested yearly and kept on monthly heartworm prevention.  We have multiple products available to choose from.


We offer basic surgical procedures including but not limited to:

Hematoma repairs 


Abdominal exploratory

Cherry eye repairs

Dental cleanings and extractions

Spay and neuter

Mass removals

All surgeries are performed with strict anesthesia monitoring, and pets recover in comfortable housing.


A microchip is a small device implanted under the skin of your pet that provides unique identifcation that will aid your pet if they were to get lost.  Recommended for all pets, this is a quick in-office procedure that will provide you with a lifetime of identification for your best friend.

Dental Care

Dental disease is common among our pets.  As our babies get older, the bacteria and tartar in their mouth becomes thicker and can lead to severe problems that affect both the gums and bone in the mouth.  The best way to prevent this is through routine dental cleanings.  Our dental cleanings are preformed under anesthesia for the pet's comfort and to perform a proper oral exam and cleaning.



Our highly advanced, completely digital radiology unit allows for fast, accurate radiographic diagnostics to assist in our examinations.

We offer limited boarding services for your pet.  Please visit us to see if your pet would benefit from staying with us.  


Rescue Group Discounts

Local animal resuce groups are highly valued by us and receive discounted services.  Please call us to discuss our rescue program. 


Emergency Care

We know how scary it is with your pet has an unplanned accident or acutely developed illness.  We accept walk-ins  and are here to help you when you need us most.  Our diagnostic imaging and blood machines are available to help us provide the most accurate diagnosis when you need it most. 


Our highly sensitive sonography unit allows us to look at the inside of your pet for more complicated diseases that can not be detected by radiographs alone.  This tool is also great in emergency situations to make sure no internal injuries are present.


A companion laser therapy offers a non-invasive way of reducing inflammation in many procedures, such as post-surgerical recovery, in arthritic patients, or those with muscle or ligament injury.  




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